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O&M Services

On the commercial side, efficient processes in the overall operation save administrative costs and ensure maximised productivity. On the technical side, due to the optimal setting of the components with minimum downtime, a team of electrical engineers and technicians are at hand to advise you.

It is our commitment to offer consistently high quality and to grant a long service life for the systems at all times.

Due to our geographical location and our language proficiency, we build the bridge between our customers and their Italian business partners!

We are happy to take over the entire maintenance of the system operation for our customers!


Operation and maintenance of the PV system

Administrative management:
  • Maintenance and repair service
  • Accident analysis
  • Organisation of on-site service
  • Regular check of all system components for damages: Roof penetrations/dirt/corrosion etc.
  • Electrical check of the entire PV system
  • Maintenance of the system: maintenance of green areas/surface cleaning of modules
  • Thermographical recordings of the modules
  • Data acquisition through maintenance protocol


The permanent monitoring of your PV system gives a clear picture of the amount of energy produced. In the case of any irregularities, we immediately take appropriate action to minimise disruptions.

Our monitoring service includes:

  • Remote monitoring via data logger
  • Monitoring of yield data
  • Evaluation of setpoint/actual values
  • Detection of degraded performance and system failures
  • Rapid error notification and initiation of measures
  • Reports for investors, including banks and insurers
Commercial management

We can also take over accounting, financial and tax administration on request.
We can:

  • Provide accounting services for power input with the responsible energy supplier
  • Monitor compliance with the Financial Model
  • Coordinate and monitor the work of contracted providers
  • Handle guarantee and warranty claims with the manufacturers
  • Assist with and handle all visits to Italian authorities
Fotoeos Piemont - 998 kWp
Fotoeos Piemont - 998,00 kWp
Fotoeos Piemonte - 998,00 kWp
Anlagencheck - Mailand 261 kWp
Anlagencheck - Mailand 261 kWp
Milano 261 kWp
Anlagencheck - Biella 992 kWp
Anlagencheck - Biella 992 kWp
Biella 992 kWp
Solivrea Piemont - 730 kWp
Solivrea Piemont - 730,00 kWp
Solivrea Piemonte - 730,00 kWp
Holzbau in Brixen
Holzbau in Brixen
Holzbau a Bressanone - 962,85 kWp
Rubner Haus in Kiens
Rubner Haus in Kiens
Rubner Haus a Chienes - 997,88 kWp
Nordpan in Olang
Nordpan in Olang
Nordpan a Valdaora - 946,32 kWp
Eisstadion in Tai di Cadore
Eisstadion in Tai di Cadore
Eisstadion a Tai di Cadore - 339,57 kWp
Rubner Haus in Kiens
Rubner Haus in Kiens
Rubner Türen a Chienes - 464,64 kWp
Rubner Türen in Percha
Rubner Türen in Percha
Rubner Türen a Perca - 158,40 kWp
Ossanna in Pfitsch - 194,25 kWp
Ossanna in Pfitsch - 194,25 kWp
Ossanna a Val di Vizze - 194,25 kWp
Schule Tschuggmall in Brixen
Schule Tschuggmall in Brixen
Scuola „Tschuggmall“ Bressanone - 84,96 kWp
Schule Gasteiner in Auer
Schule Gasteiner in Auer
Scuola „Gasteiner“ a Ora - 69,12 kWp
Hospehof in Rodeneck
Hospehof a Rodengo - 95 kWp
Zingerle Paul in Percha
Zingerle Paul a Perca - 60,27 kWp
Rodelbau KG a Casteldarne 47,47 kwp
Rodelbau KG a Casteldarne 47,47 kwp
Kammerer Paul OHG in Ehrenburg 99,06 kwp
Kammerer Paul Sas Casteldarne 99,06 kwp