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Solar power at a turning point

Cost-effectiveness of photovoltaic systems

In the field of megawatt power plants, the photovoltaic industry will have to develop models, for better or for worse, which are only partly based on feed-in remuneration.

Opportunities for photovoltaic power

The subsidy funding for photovoltaics within the framework of the fifth energy account (Quinto Conto Energia) came to an end on 6th July 2013. The 6.7 billion euros destined for funding of photovoltaics are now exhausted.

Since then, private individuals can only receive compensation for a new building within the framework of the so-called scambio sul posto (net metering), or they can decide to sell the generated photovoltaic power.

For existing structures, there is the additional possibility within the framework of the so-called scambio sul posto to deduct up to 50% of the costs for the photovoltaic system from the income tax.

Cost-effectiveness of a photovoltaic system

For a private person, the profitability of a photovoltaic system is dependant on several factors:

  • Level of remuneration and amount of tax deduction (the latter being possible only for existing structures)
  • Annual power consumption of the household
  • Moment of power consumption (Possibility of direct use of the photovoltaic power)
  • Orientation, inclination and location of the photovoltaic system
  • Shading of photovoltaic modules

Soletec provides corresponding consulting services and an overview of the cost-effectiveness of a photovoltaic system.